Tosa 2075 Task Force

The Future of Education in Wauwatosa

In accordance with the Strategic Plan, specifically strategic objectives 6.1 & 6.2, the Superintendent will develop a task force of community members, staff members and other stakeholders to bring forth recommendations for the School Board to consider in the following areas: 

  • Long-term facility needs in the School District

    • Finalize the five-year long-range facility plan for existing District facilities

  • Comprehensive analysis of the impact of policies 5113 (Public School Open Enrollment - Inter-District) and 5120 (Assignment in District) 

    • Classroom space needs in schools as a result of the policies

    • Student enrollment patterns as a result of the policies

    • Lottery School admission considerations 

    • Strategies to best increase resident enrollment figures - including the analysis of magnet school programming (Example: Wauwatosa Montessori School) 

    • Analyze current and potential innovative academic programming 

  • Viability of transportation services in the District 

  • Develop a comprehensive long term financial strategy benchmarking key financial indicators with comparable Southeast WI school districts.

Foundational Materials: Phase One

Foundational Materials: Phase Two

Community Questions + Answers

All questions received from members of the Wauwatosa community, the Board of Education, and Tosa 2075 Task Force members have been compiled into one resource. Please click the button below to view the questions and the responses provided by District leaders.

Please note that data requests from Task Force members were collected and compiled, along with responses from District leaders, in this spreadsheet. Due to the volume of requests, the data requests from Task Force members will not be incorporated into the Community Questions + Answers document separately.

Meeting Information

Agendas, Materials + Summaries: Phase One

Agendas, Materials + Summaries: Phase Two